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Why you should book with us

Photography services

We believe that’’ todays’ caption is tomorrow’s memory’’ thus we freeze these moments for you with a professional touch.

Luxury travel

We ensure you get the best travel experience with us, where we bring comfort and style to give you the most memorable experience.

Exquisite accommodation

Be it that you want to sleep outside under the stars or in a boutique hotel country houses. We make sure that we got you and you enjoy every moment of it.

Exceptional dining

At Sunduck we make your dining experience memorable .we believe one cannot sleep well, think well, love well if one has not dined well.

Affordability and personalized packages

We allow you to be you. We give you a variety to choose from .we hold the belief that immersing oneself in the diverse world cultures and travel experiences doesn’t have to be expensive .remember ‘’travel is the only thing that you buy that makes you richer”. At sunduck ‘’we will give you your more for less’’.

Create happiness

This is a priviledge that we should all embrace.we want to create and share happiness and life’s joy to the world

Commitment to quality

We believe in making sure that each day with us is the best that it can be, we are continually improving to suit the expectations of our clients and at the same time adopting to the changing needs of our clients.

We value humanity

The connections we make either with guards that guide us,the partners that share our passion for travel and the local people we meet along the way they all make it worth the while.


We really appreciate feedback and appreciate when our clients tell us what they really want, we listen and act upon it for best results.

What They Say?

  • Sunduck Adventures is the best

    Musa Kamau
  • For Quality Tours and adventure safaris. Sunduck should be your stop

    Anna Achieng'